• Image of 'BLUE TRUCKERS'

LIMITED EDITION~Digital print, over-sized T-Shirt!!!!

Piece features graphic artwork designed to accompany Emma's recent series of wearable artwork, 'Tales from Blue Truck Island', that was developed during her 2013 artist residency in South Korea.

The story behind the work was created whilst based on South Korea's most Northwestern and isolated military island, Baengyeongdo. Themes of this collection of work included seasonal transition, the fishing industry, rural communities and farming landscapes.

The digital artwork features illustrations and embroideries of weird, noisy watermelon roosters, juicy corncobs, sparkle bows and woolly roses and uses imagery from the neighbour's cherry blossom trees on the island.

The garment is both printed and made in the UK from soft, quality cotton and comes in ONE SIZE ONLY.
This is an over-sized XL garment which measures at 64cm across front chest and full back length of 73 cm.


You can read more about Emma's 'Tales from Blue Truck Island' project here: